Pandas Data Analysis Bundle

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  • Dates in Pandas
  • Group By Operations in Pandas
  • Lambdas and Masks
  • Plotting in Pandas
  • Pandas for Excel Developers
  • Pandas for SQL Developers
  • Pivot Tables in Pandas

What will you learn:

  • How to get today's date with timestamp

  • How to get today's date with NO timestamp

  • How to get the timestamp of a date

  • How to get the day of a date

  • How to get the month of a date

  • How to get the year of a date

  • How to get yesterdays date

  • How to get last months date

  • How to get the first day of last month

  • How to get the last day of last month

  • How to get the Monday of last week

  • How to get the Sunday of last week

  • Basic date math

  • How to group by one column

  • How to group by multiple columns

  • How to iterate over a group

  • How to apply built-in functions like sum and std

  • How does group by work

  • How to add a new column to a group

  • How to sum a column but keep the same shape of the df

  • How to perform multiple aggregations at the same time

  • How to choose aggregation methods per column

  • How to add custom labels to multiple aggregations

  • Examples using lambda

  • Which rows are greater than 10

  • Comparisons with lambda

  • Returning Boolean values

  • Lambda with multiple inputs

  • Comparing functions with lambda functions

  • How to plot a line chart

  • How to plot a bar chart

  • How to label the legend

  • How to create a legend

  • How to label the x axis

  • How to label the y axis

  • How to give the chart a title

  • How to create side by side charts

  • How to create dashboards with multiple charts

  • How to size your charts

  • How to choose different colors and line styles

  • How to add a column and sum horizontally

  • How to add a column and compute the average

  • How to add a column and compute the percentage of Total Sales

  • How to sort by a column

  • How to filter by a value

  • How to create a column chart

  • How to create a pivot table

  • How to perform a vlookup

  • How to perform an IF/THEN statement

  • How to declare variables

  • How to update variables

  • How to update a table

  • How to get current date, yesterday, last year

  • How to get first of month or last day of month

  • How to insert into a table from another table

  • How to join two tables

  • How to select n number of rows

  • How to select rows in ascending/descending order

  • How to select unique vales (no dups)

  • How to write a case statement within an update

  • How to check for NULL values

  • How to use the Keyword "IN"

  • How to count all of the rows in a table

  • How to delete contents of a table

  • How to select the smallest/largest value in a column

  • How to string match

  • How to organize a dataframe by specific columns

  • How to fill NaN values

  • How to add sub-totals to the columns and rows

  • How to use the sum function

  • How to use the count function

  • How to use the mean function

  • How to use the max function

  • How to use the min function

  • How to use the len function

  • How to apply different functions to different columns

  • How to apply multiple functions to one column

  • How to apply a custom function

  • How to glue pivot tables together

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